Founded in Dukinfield, Tenei-Na Karate is deeply rooted in traditional karate teachings.

With years of experience, there is a wealth of knowledge in every class, ensuring students receive the best possible training in discipline and technique.

Our club has proudly served a diverse range of individuals, from beginners starting their journey in karate to experienced practitioners honing their skills.

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Our Story

Tenei-Na (which means respectful) is a family friendly martial arts club that aims to help its students develop strength, speed, flexibility and discipline in a controlled and enjoyable environment for everyone.

Tenei-Na Karate can take you from beginner right to the very top of this popular and world famous Japanese martial art.

Our History

When Tenei-na Karate was first being discussed, the issue that stood out was the quality of Karate being taught. I had seen many clubs that were simply nothing more than a business, belts were handed out simply for turning up, and the clubs were concerned more with getting as many students as possible, not with the standard of the ones already paying them to learn.

So, it was decided that it was the quality of our students I would put first. I don’t run the club as a business, I have a full time career, it’s my passion for Karate that keeps the club alive and fresh.

The Art

Defining karate is quite a difficult task because karate is many different things to many different people. Traditional karate combines discipline, philosophy and physical training. Essentially at its most fundamental level, karate is a martial art that deals with attacks through evasive body movements and/or blocking, uses counter attacks by using kicks, punches and strikes. Karate also uses joint locks, restraints and takedowns, but these are used to a lesser extent.

Karate is one of the most dynamic of all the martial arts. As a self defence system, Karate tries not to teach you a set of standard responses to a fixed attack, but intends to teach its student fundamental principles that can be applied in any situation. Karate promotes the use of sparring as a safe way to test and improve the students skill set

People either practice karate as a form of self defence, or as a way of keeping healthy and fit. From a fitness perspective, it develops balance, co-ordination, aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. In addition, (and unlike many other physical activities), it also challenges the brain and requires constant mental alertness and agility.

As a student progresses technically, they progress physically as well, and advanced practices demand greater stamina. At this stage, the student becomes involved with more intricate and difficult Katas (fixed routines) and more dynamic forms of Kumite (sparring). As the student approaches black belt level, technique, stamina, speed, and coordination become natural as a result of strong practice. It is at this stage that the serious student discovers that his or her study of karate has only just begun. The object of true karate practice is the perfection of oneself through the perfection of the art.

Should You?

If your interested in either getting fit or learning to defend yourself, then give us a try.

We try to welcome everybody, and we try to promote an encouraging atmosphere to learn in. We’ll push you hard physically and mentally when its needed, and we’ll explain the information to you in depth when that’s needed.

But, overall its about enjoying yourself, and learning a very useful set of skills. Skills that can keep you safe, improve your self confidence, and teach you humility and respect.

Start Your Karate Journey Today

Join Tenei-Na Karate now to begin your path to mastery. Enhance your physical and mental well-being with our expert guidance.

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