Tenei-na Karate

Discover the Art of Karate

Join Tenei-Na Karate for traditional training in discipline, honour, and respect. Experience sparring, kata training, and impact pads.

How we train

Karate student striking his opponent

Sparring Sessions

Engage in dynamic sparring sessions that enhance your skills and stamina.

Female karateka performing kata

Kata Training

Learn and master the traditional forms of kata that embody the essence of martial arts.

Karate student kicking a pad

Impact Pad Work

Perfect your strikes and kicks through specialised training with impact pads.

Close-Up Shot of Two People Wearing Karate gi and Black Belt

How Our Karate Journey Began

Tenei-Na Karate is a local Karate club in Dukinfield, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside.

We focuse on traditional training methods with a focus on discipline and respect.

Founded to promote the values of honour and self-improvement through the practice of karate.

Why Choose Us?

Skilled Instructor

Learn from experienced instructors dedicated to guiding you towards mastery in karate techniques.

Authentic Training

Experience authentic karate training rooted in tradition and focused on individual growth.

Discipline & Respect

Our core values revolve around fostering discipline and respect within our karate community.

Instructor Jon Brunskill

Start Your Karate Journey Today

Join Tenei-Na Karate now to begin your path to mastery. Enhance your physical and mental well-being with our expert guidance.

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