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Our Karate Club has high level instructors who have been training for many years and  have a vast amount of experience in teaching all age groups. Together we have years of quality training, and enjoy passing that knowledge on.

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Jon Brunskill - Instructor Tony Bradbury - Instructor

Jon Brunskill


Rank:   6th dan (Rokudan)

No of years training:  32 yrs


Reasons for starting:

I have always been interested in the martial arts, then had an unfortunate incident on a bus, so decided I needed to be able to look after myself!




Personal goals:

I have fulfilled most of them, now I want to see Tenei-na go from strength to strength


Tony Bradbury


Rank:   3rd dan (Sandan)

No of years training:  16 yrs


Reasons for starting:

I started with my daughter when she was six, to have some dad time, also to allow her to at least have some chance, if god forbid, anybody tried to hurt or bully her. Also for myself to stay fit and active.



Personal goals:

I want to be a more proficient instructor including having the ability to teach good self defence. Also to progress in the ranks.




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